Organizational and Professional  Development are CRITICAL to the success of your business.

At Resolve Training and Consulting we make it easy to invest in your employees to assure the long term success and sustainability of your business. Successful businesses are built on competent, effective, motivated and accountable employees. We specialize in developing these skill sets for professionals.

Business Critical Skills that not everyone has mastered,

but we can help develop:

  • Effective communication 

  • Active listening

  • Maintaining emotional health 

  • Personal resiliency

  • Addressing conflict constructively 

  • Responding to change 



It's time to invest in your employees.

  • Maintaining professional boundaries

  • Working well with others

  • Staying energized

  • Staying focused 

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Inter-professional skills   


We offer custom solutions to address the difficult, personal and often complicated situations that are inherent in all work groups.  

Thank you for an excellent presentation! The management team and I have received lots of positive feedback and are hearing conversations occurring regarding the information. Great suggestion to frame this as a window of opportunity! Our staff appears to be receptive as does the management team - I look forward to connecting with you in a month or so with positive results!                                                                            

                                                                                             Janet, Human Services Division Director

Your Success

Inter-professional and interpersonal skills in the workplace are no longer nice-to-haves, they are business critical skills as important as any other skill you ask your employees to master. The employees who know how to work well with others, communicate effectively, address conflict directly, and solve problems creatively will drive your company. The lack of these skills leads to lost productivity, poor morale, work-arounds, staff leaving and increases in an organization's liability risk.  Inevitably, it is your skill-deficient employees who most impact your business strategies, successes and bottom line. At a minimum, employees who struggle to work effectively with others are a distraction. More likely they are draining resources and energy, leaving behind a wake of collateral damage for others to manage and clean up after. Addressing employee interpersonal skill deficits through training, consulting, and job coaching at the leadership, department, team and individual employee levels assures that you are positioning your organization to be successful.

Our Philosophy

When employees possess the interpersonal and inter-professional skills they need to effectively work with others, they are prepared to succeed in their jobs - that in a nutshell is our philosophy. Assuring employees have these skills will decrease the amount of resources you are spending on employee conflicts, personality differences and communication related issues. In today's competitive business market, it is not enough for organizational leaders, supervisors and managers to come to work on time and work hard. The success of your business rides on your employees' ability to communicate effectively, address conflict, recognize and creatively solve problems, lead and manage change initiatives, and work in diverse settings. Operating a business with employees, especially your leadership team, supervisors and managers, who fall short in any of these areas inevitably means that you are not maximizing your most critical business asset. Our goal is to make sure your employees are equipped with the skills necessary to effectively, respectfully and successfully do their jobs.

Our Solutions

Our solutions are individualized and customized to best meet your employee development objectives. We start by completing a comprehensive needs analysis (Phase One) to best understand your employee development opportunities and objectives.  We can then begin formulating a solution for you - be it at the individual, division, department or organizational level. Phase Two involves further enlisting you and your employees in identifying and developing a formal action plan to best address the issues and/or deficits identified in Phase One. Phase Three is the engagement phase. We're onsite at your organization - literally or virtually, to provide the agreed upon services, minimizing business disruption and lost work time while maximizing awareness raising and skill building opportunities for your executives, managers, supervisors, and employees.