"I have utilized Matt's expertise for over 10 years.  When calling for assistance, I would always request to speak with Matt because he quickly gets to the root cause of difficult issues and offers practical solutions.  I strongly recommend Matt as a consultant, trainer and coach."

                                                                                Cary, HR Director



Consultation phases:


Pre-engagement phase:

Needs identification

Desired outcomes

Partnership fit and feasibility


Situational Review phase: (up to 30 days)

What's working? What's not?

Past and current issues/conflicts 

Barriers identified

Summary and Recommendations provided  


Engagement/Development phase: (up to 6 months)

Awareness raising

Common language introduced

Skill building  

Competency development coaching


Change Sustaining phase: (3 to 12 months)

Action planning

Team integration

Accountability processes engaged

Assessment and revision



Drawing on over 25 years of consulting and administrative experience within various settings, we bring expertise and know-how to the employee related deficits, issues, and concerns that are keeping your organization from being as successful as possible. Engaging with you in a facilitated process of discovery and needs analysis we will assist in uncovering the problem areas that are causing angst for you and your employees.


Leading with a “best practice” approach and incorporating goal definition, action planning, accountability, training, and coaching as needed into the process, assures a comprehensive solution to your employee-related concerns. After completing a needs analysis, we will draw on our understanding of your business, your employees, and your challenges in developing clear outcomes and objectives for the consulting engagement and then assist you in planning strategically to address identified employee-related “pain points” and responding most effectively.


Helping individual employees reach their potential positively impacts your business. Making sure you have the right people in the right seats on the bus is only a start.  Assuring their skills are developed with the changing needs of their position and your business goals will be critical to the success of your employees, and ultimately your organization. 


Consulting support provided around these critical business needs:

Addressing conflict effectively

Managing disruptive behavior

Supervisor and manager development

Change management

Policy development


Effective teaming


Critical Incidents

Behavioral health  

Workplace culture  












"Thank you very much Liz for coming and sharing your knowledge and expertise on conflict with our leadership team. You did a great job keeping the group involved and you gave them a number of options that they can use to deal with conflict which will help them in their positions."  

                                                                                                             Chris, HR Director