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In the recent past there have been unprecedented levels of change in the healthcare industry felt at every level within organizations. Adjusting to these changes has been difficult for some with downstream effects on job satisfaction, energy and stress levels, focus, workplace relationships and patient care.


Physicians have faced a reduction in patient facing time, reduced revenues and new practice and reimbursement models - resulting in a loss of autonomy, influence, and control. Physicians and nurses alike experience frustration with changes to documentation processes and coding, a reported increase in “difficult” patients, increased workload and greater complexity of care. Administrators are challenged to find successful strategies for maintaining employee engagement, retention, motivation, effective teamwork, civility in the workplace, and patient safety and satisfaction.


We bring extensive knowledge, understanding and experience to consulting work in healthcare, having provided coaching and consultation on hundreds of challenging situations as requested by administration, human resources, and physician and nurse leaders.


Finally, we have had the unique opportunity of recruiting and training medical practitioners from across the country to be peer coaches and mentors.  In many cases we have teamed with these individuals in carrying out consulting projects, further developing our insight and understanding of healthcare inner workings.



We provide consulting, training and support services around:  

Addressing conflict effectively

Managing disruptive behavior

Leadership development

Creating a culture of safety

Increasing resiliency

Leading change initiatives

Employee engagement

Effective Teaming

Critical incidents


We assist individual providers regarding:  

Work/life balance

Grief and loss

Adverse events

Stress and burnout

Practice management

Professional boundaries

Managing and resolving conflict

Interpersonal and inter-professaional teaming

Emotional intelligence





"I have worked with Liz and Matt on many occasions during my 10 years as Medical Director for a national physician support program.  We have worked together in an assortment of differentt meetings, conferences, and multiple client site visits to help organizations address issues around dysfunctional culture and behaviors.  They are very professional, knowledgeable, and engaging, and are extremely adept in helping organizations understand what the problems are and what needs to be done to improve both individual and organizational behaviors."


                                                  Alan H. Roseenstein, MD, MBA

                                                  Disruptive Behavior Specialist

Now offering:

Resiliency Coaching

     for Physicians

  Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Physicians