Successful training requires three things:

1.  Relevant Content

2.  Effective Presenter

3.  Engaged Audience


Rarely will you find an engaged audience without ensuring the presentation of relevant content by an competent presenter.  At Resolve we will deliver the three elements of effective training by working with you to define what it is you want to accomplish and then build a plan around that.  


Are you interested in raising staff awareness and increasing knowledge or are you looking to build specific professional skills in your employees?  The first can often be done in shorter time frames while skill building typically involves more in-depth, hands-on opportunities built into the training modules and sometimes beyond (incorporating individual coaching).  Early on, our team will work with you to identify your training-related objectives and design the presentation and materials to assure those objectives are addressed.  Finally you will be asked to identify benchmarks for success and specific outcomes you want to achieve through the training.   


Training and presentation topics offered by Resolve include most any topic that will have a positive impact on the interpersonal working skills of your employees.


Our training expertise includes:

Addressing conflict effectively

Creating a culture of civility at work

Working effectively with others

Managing and leading change

Workplace bullying

Acknowledging and working with different personalities

Generational differences at work

De-escalating people and situations

Effective communication

Well-being and resiliency

Work-life balance

Energy management for increased job satisfaction

Professional boundaries in the workplace

Dealing with loss at work


“Matt is very good at starting with a training template and customizing it to suit our needs. As a trainer Matt is concise, articulate and adept at relating to audience members at all levels in the organization."

Cary, HR Director



"Liz did a phenomenal job!  Her presentation was right on point for this team and her personality and demeanor could not have been more appropriate for this group. Thanks so much for your partnership." 

Cayla, HR Professional



“Overall the training went very well – the staff were impressed at how well Matt applied the training directly to what we do. I was very impressed and happy to see the information on boundaries. I wasn’t expecting it (mostly because I didn’t think about it) but he did a great job to start in that area and applying it moving forward into the presentation. I also think it was a great idea to get some scenarios from us and then apply them throughout the training. That exercise made the training very relevant to staff. So yes – this was an excellent training and Matt did a superior job with it.”

Kristin, HR/IT Director