“Matt did an excellent job focusing on the areas we asked him to. I personally appreciated the time Matt spent on micro-management and delegation. Individuals that interacted and admitted that this may be them, were some individuals who I had hoped would recognize this. The interactive exercises were excellent!  I have had the opportunity to talk with a couple of our Vice Presidents, and I know they were happy with how the session went. Thanks for providing us with a quality learning experience. You did a great job of putting together a session that met what we asked for.”


                                                  Debra, Director of Professional Development


“Matt managed to get our members to talk more than the last 6 presenters, which is much appreciated! We got a lot of positive comments about the program.. Here are the comments we received:

• Matt was great - excellent presentation!
• Matt was very engaging and interesting
• Great examples!
• Could have listened to more!


Melissa, HR/IT Director


• Very good!

• Provided key takeaways

• Please have him come back again!

• Kept the audience engaged"


About Liz

"We've had some diffficult employee situations that Liz has assisted us with.  I can't say enough wonderful things about Liz and the way she supported our entire organization from the owners and managers to those on the front line."


                            Linda S. Director of HR